Hello Thi, I received The Ao Dais yesterday and I'm very happy. They are beautiful, fits perfectly and I will wear the blue one with the white pants on my wedding day. Thank you very much for your excellent work. Greetings from Germany, Christina

Hi Thi, I got my ao dai last Wednesday. It's beautiful; I'm very happy with your service and product. I will definitely recomment your service to my family. Thank you and have a good day.

Thi; I just received my Ao Dais! They are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to wear one for my brother's wedding. Thank you so much for the excellent workmanship and prompt delivery! I have already recommended you to friends! Sincerely, Debra Rich

Dear Thi, We received the ao dais on Friday just like you said! They are so VERY beautiful and fit perfectly. So well made. My mother was very impressed with the craftmanship. She will be in Vietnam this december and will look you up.

Chao chi Thi, Minh da nhan duoc do hom nay. Nhu moi lan, minh rat la vua long. May bo ao dai va ao tau rat la dep va mac vua. Thanh that cam on chi va cac tho may cua Ao Dai Vinh. Vai tuan nua, minh se mua them cua chi. Chuc mung Ao Dai Vinh duoc mo hang 1 nam va chuc chi luon luon thanh cong. Nga

Em vua nhan duoc chieu nay ao dai cuoi. Ao dai rat la vua va dep. Em rat cam on chi and the staff da may ao dai cho em. Mau sac va kich thuoc rat la vua y. Neu co dip ve VN, em se ghe chi de may them nua.

Linh da nhan duoc ao dai 2 ngay truoc khi di chup hinh. That khong ngo la nha may Vinh co the lam nhanh va dep nhu vay. Ao dai cua Linh dep lam. Ai cung thich va Linh mac rat vua. Linh rat hai long. Cam on Thi va anh Ha nhieu lam vi hai ban rat tan tam va lam viec rat nhanh. I can't wait until my wedding day to wear the ao dai again, because I just had a little chance wearing while taking pictures yesterday.

Hi Thi, Thank you very much for sending it early. I have received the dress. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. I definitely recommend to all my friends in Edmonton about your business. "FAST & RELIABLE"

I already received my ao dai. I loved it so much, it is so beautiful and perfectly fit. I definitely reecommend ao dai vinh to everyone whom is interested in wearing aodai. I already recommended to my cousins in Savana,Georgia. She will order it. Thank You.

Thank you so much for the Ao Dai! I ordered it initially for a portrait that I was getting done for my father for Father's day. I received it on time as promised and it is even more beautiful and well made than I expected it to be. I definitely would order from you again and also refer other people to your services. Thank you again.