We received ao daist. They are very nice and fit us perfectly. Thank you so much.

I am very pleased when received ao dai. It is very beautiful. I and my friend will do business with you in the future. Thanks

Hi Thi, Thuy da nhan duoc wedding gown Thi gui roi, rat sang trong va vua van. Cam on Thi rat nhieu.

Dear Thi, HOm qua minh da nhan dduoc a'o da`i khoang hon 1h, vua kip thogian dde ui va kip mac. CAm on Thi dda tranh thu may chi trong 1 ngay. A'o dai kha' ddon gian, nhung ddep, va quan trong la rat vua van , co' hoi nha(n o phan nguc 1 ti, nhung cung k thay ro~, rat OK. Vi lan ddau tien may bang ca'ch gui so ddo nhu vay, Sen rat hoi hop. May chac la nho*` tay nghe aodaivinh tuyet qua, nen moi thu ddeu tot dep. Mot lan nua, cam on Thi rat nhieu, hi vong se co dip dden tiem may them a'o vao mot ngay gan nhat. Than men, HS

I just wanted to let you know that I received the ao dai and they were beautiful. Jeff liked his. Upon wearing the ao dai, I discovered that I look better in solid material and dark colors. The red ao dai was nice, but I didnt stand out. The pink one looked really nice on my skin. I would like to order additional ao dai and will get back to you. For the groom ao dai, can you make the same one without the dragon on it? The material that is underneath the see through material is really nice. Thanks again, Trinh

I just recevied the dress. That was so fast. The detail is beatiful, thank you very much.

Hien da nhan duoc ao dai chi Thi goi qua roi. Ao dai rat la dep, Hien rat la thich. Cam on chi Thi rat la nhieu.

Hi chi Thi, i got the ao dai's this week, they are beautiful, thank you for your service...

Thanks for your business, i did recieved your clothes that you sent to me. It's on time,it's fast like you promised with a customer. I would recommend someone else to do business with you,with trust,worththy..... You have the best web site for ao dai so far i see on the internet ,you known... Once more,thanks for best and beautiful clothes that you make . Sincerely, Tuan nguyen. Los Angeles, California Year of a Dog 2006

I just wanted to tell you the package got here today. They fit wonderfully. If you do have any in silk I would like to order some. Have a great day. Thanks again!