I received my order and was so very pleased. They were both beautiful. Thank You so much. I appreciate it!

Chi Thi va ao daivinh men, Trinh da nhan duoc ao dai hom 21th roi. Trinh rat thich vi ao mac vao rat vua van, i'll recommend to all my friends about aodaivinh. Thanks, have a great day. Trinh

I would also like to say that you have one of the most easy to use web sites I have ever seen. The photos, layout and design of the web site should win you an award !!! And then the ao dai you make... I think they could win an award by themselves as they are the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen and the colors and designs are wonderful. As you can tell I fell in love with the ao dai the first time I saw it in photos and I have loved it since that time. I hope to visit hcmc in the near future as I have taken a couple of trips to Thailand and Laos in the last 3 years, but now will have to visit your country. I look forward to doing business with you and your company and wish you success in your future. Regards, Richard.

Thu* da mac thu* ao dai roi, rat la dep dep dep! T rat vua y. K ngo chi qua e mail ma nha may Vinh co the thuc hien duoc cho Thu* mot bo ao dai cuoi that dep, va that vua van. Nhat la su phuc vu chu ddao cua Thi, da lam cho T rat hai long.

Chao Thi,<br><br>Bao gio nhan duoc tien Yen gui ve thi cho Yen hay nhe. Thank you Thi for<br>being so patient with me lately, I'm really appreciated and glad to to<br>business with you and Ao Dai Vinh. Even though I haven't see or receive<br>the Ao Dai yet, but I'm very very happy and impressed how your customer<br>satisfaction with me. Once again thank you so much.\r\n

I just wanted to tell you that the ao dai has arrived on the 5th of january. It has a perfect fit and looks great. Thank you very much Yours sincerely Sandra

Thank you so much for the beautiful ao dai. Your service is outstanding andyour workmanship superb. I was a little nervous about wiring money toVietnam but it was very easy through Hoa Phat. I will be ordering moredressses through you soon and recommending you to all the many people whoask about your dresses when I wear them. Thanks again!\r\n

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Thi va aodai vinh than men,Co^ ban Jenny -da~ mang aodai ve^\ cho minh\ ma^'y bu*a nay nhu*ng -de^'nho^m nay mo*'i co' gio*\ -de^? ma(.c thu*?....&quot;Impressive&quot;!!!Diep ra^'t hai\ lo\ng vo*'i cha^'t lu*o*ng. va?i va\ thu? co^ng ra^'t va\se~ tie^'p tu.c order the^m aodai va\ nhu*ng~ ma(.t hang\ kha'c tu*\aodaivinh.com.Ca'm O*n aodai Vinh ra^'t nhie^u\ -da~ cho Diep co' nhu*ng bo^. aodaitho*i\ trang -do^.c nha^'t vo^ nhi. \r\n

hi Ha va Thy,Cam on Ha va Thy da may cho Thoan 1 bo ao dai cuoi that su vua y va dep..Ban be va gia dinh Thoan rat thich bo ao dai cuoi nay ..Ai cung hoi may odau va bao nhieu tien het ah...Thoan cam on Ha nhieu nhen ..Thoan\r\n