Excellent work in tailoring services... I've been their customer for a while and still now... got reasonable prices and customer satisfaction is their priority... you'll please when you come to Vinh's Tailor... so I highly recommend this tailoring service to everyone\r\n

Tinh co` N len internet search just for fun thi` tiem may Vinh pop-up under my search. Day la lan dau tien N order something from VN...cung rat la hoi hop vi it's my first time, hon nua lai khong biet order no' co' work hay khong nua, Ha` cung biet ma` , vi' du o My~ neu muon order something from the Internet, it's just a click of a button and you're done. And if something goes wrong with your order, customers can always call 1-800- numbers to complain or to keep track of their orders. In VN, Internet order is still kind of new and different type of business. I was very hesitated at first!!! But now I have my trust in you and your business so I make sure I will spread my words to all my friends that need to may ao dai (quang cao khong cong do' nha!!)Thank you for your beautiful dresses. I think my dress will look great \r\n

I Have Recieved Your Order Today!Thank you for your sending those orders to me. Lena thich ca 3 bo ao dai, tuy nhien Lena thich nhat la mau do? Co le Lena se chon cai mau do? cho engagement. Cam on Ha rat nhieu nhe...Lan sau co the Lena se may cac kieu khac.... Con quan tay thi Lena rat la vua van va rat thich. Cam on Ha da may dung measure cua Lena. Co the sau nay Lena se may hoi rong hon vi tru hao hiiiii... \r\n

Em da nhan duoc ao dai roi.Em thay ao dai rat la dep va cung vua y lam. Tu cho mau den kieu ao, rat la theo y em. Neu nam sau em co ve Vietnam, em se ghe tiem anh coi va gioi thieu cho ban cua em.\r\n

chao chi Thi, em da nhan duoc ao dai roi, . Ao' dai rat dep va` em rat thich, duy chi co' cai eo hoi bi rong, nhung day la` loi cua em vi` em da do khong dung cach, noi chung thi` chi may ao' dai` dung nhu y' em muon con` chuyen cai eo thi` khng sao, khong co' gi` dang ke. Cam on chi rat nhieu, khi nao` em can may them nua thi` em chac chan se email cho chi biet. bye chi Thi. ThuHa\r\n

Em da~ nhan. duoc. ao/ dai`roi`, em thich/ va`vua`y/ mac. vao\ DEP. .mau`hong`anh chon. cho em dep./ do/ tre~ trung. Ao gown Me em dem ve hom qua , dep. lam anh vinh. em rat thich, em mac. vo vua lam. vai cung dep. em mac. vao cai dui h?i dai thoi. nhung dep. lam.cam? on.\r\n

Chiec ao ddep lam, minh thich lam ddo, mau cung ddep luon do, CAM ON THI NHIEU NHE, neu co dip thi` minh se ve VN, va` dde^'n tiem Thi choi, roi co gi thi may them nua.\r\n

Tha^n chao, 30 bo^. a'o da`i ddem ve dda^y, ai cung mac vua va` rat de.p, moi nguoi rat thich, cam on nha may Vinh nhieu, he` nam sau to^i lai ve Vietnam va nhat ddi.nh se dde^'n may tie^p. Chu'c tha`nh co^ng.\r\n

Vivian dda~ nha^.n dduoc 2 a'o da`i cuoi va` 2 a'o cho bridesmaid roi. Tat ca? deu rat vua va that dde.p! rat ddu'ng y' cua? Vivian. Cam on nha` may Vinh nhie`u, sau khi chu.p hi`nh xong, Vivian se gu?i hinh cho tiem may xem\r\n

Hello, minh search tren internet dde^/ may ao dai, va` mi`nh tim thay mot va`i website, mi`nh da~ lien he^. cac cho^? do' va cuoi cung cho.n ao dai Vinh, truoc he^'t vi` ca'ch phu.c vu rat nhanh va nhie^.t tinh , sau ddo' la`...gia' re? nua~ :)) hihihi...va` khi nha^. n duoc do^` thi` mình rat thi'ch! tat ca deu nhu y' mi`nh, thanks\r\n