This morning I've recieved my Ao Dai. WOW!! It's very beautifull, more more wonderfull than the picture. I love it much. I wear it perfectly. Thank you very much.

When I was deciding whether to risk ordering a dress online (and from across the ocean!) for my wedding, I read the testimonials here. It sounded like a lot of people had the same experience: they waited anxiously, emailed with no response, and then the ao dai arrived in the nick of time. I had exactly the same experience. Mine turned out just like their pictures on the website, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. They fit like a glove, too. (And I thought I was being generous in my measurements, so don't hold the tape too tightly!)

Hello chi Thi! I can't believe I received my ao dai after two weeks. It looks really beautiful. Once again, thank you for making it so quick. Hang :)

Hello Ms Thy, I've received 3 ao dai, they are fitted perfectly and very beautiful too ! I will continue to be your client. Thank you !!! :) :) :)

I recieved The Ao dai Last July 12.The dress fits me perfectly.Thank you very much for your great jod Miss Thi,Wish you all the best :clap:

Hi Chi Thi, I was concern that my ao dai would not come in time for my wedding but it came the day before the wedding! Thank you. You saved the day!!

I bought a dress from you for my wedding. I was so busy with work after the wedding so I didnt have time to write to you. I want to tell you that you and your team did a great job. The dress fits me perfectly and the price was right too. Everybody at my wedding thought that i bought it for at least $1000.00+. I am going to keep the dress for souvenirs. Again thank you! Anne :clap:

my dress just arrived yesterday, and it fit perfectlyy. Thank you soooo much, u guys did a really good job!!  :)

Just want to say thank you for the great work on my ao dai.  I'm very pleased with it.  Thanks again!!

Hi Thi, I received my wedding gown and it's amazing how the embroidery was well done. Your team did a great job. Thanks.